Man they’re some great pins!

20131012 Bowling 1 I love it when you stumble upon a great deal like $15 for unlimited bowling for 2 hours. I know, it doesn’t sound unlimited but when there’s only 2 people in a lane I can guarantee you that 2 hours is enough to tear nails, damage fingers and create muscle soreness normally experienced by 15 year old boys who are in a long term relationship with magazines and socks.

Steve thrashed me winning 4 out of 5 games (I luckily outperformed him in our last match) which I maintain was due to lack of appropriate equipment…. I had the lightest available bowling ball which had finger holes made for midgets, elves and 5 year old children who use bumpers and still can’t write their own name.

I’m used to being mistreated for being ginger but now I am being discriminated against for being too weak in comparison to the size of my hand.

20131012 Bowling 2 20131012 Bowling 3 20131012 Bowling 5 20131012 Bowling 7


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