No Crashing & Burning… except maybe the $7.50 toaster

I’ve noticed a few people have started following my blog which to date has mainly been about food or my frustrating husband.  I should therefore apologise for this blog which as an update on my life than a satirical reflection or a yummy recipe… Although I’m sure those will follow in the days to come.  I’ll try to keep it entertaining nevertheless.

So there we were… very tired and very happy after an amazing send off by family with a ‘half-assed’ halloween dinner on our leaving for Melbourne eve.  Up at 5:45am to pick up the hire car from the airport, we rolled out of bed, me looking like absolute perfection as usual and Steve looking like he’d been hit by a bus – you think the man could put in a little effort.

I feel this is a good time to reflect on another wonderful discussion with my husband from the night before:

Kirsty: Do you think we would love each other more or less in 20 years?

Steve: Dunno. Will you be a raging bitch in 20 years?

Perhaps I’ll move right on from that.

We packed up and surprisingly, the car-packing Tetris man managed to fit everything into a standard sedan – even my goodbye flowers from work.  Alan and Ted were as pleased as punch with their front row seats.


We kicked off for the 20 hour trip plus nap time at a hotel in some random town on a google map. It was 7:59am, 1 minute ahead of schedule and we arrived at 1:10pm (the next day of course), 50 minutes ahead of our 2pm target.  We discovered that there is so such thing as beautiful outback Australia, that it is completely understandable that people see mirages when lost in the dessert as most of the time it looked like we were about to drive into a lake and that Dubbo isn’t a scary bogan place but rather a neat little ‘city’ with an adorable town centre – that or at 8pm all the rednecks were at home beating their wives.  Most of all, we learnt which road to follow to get out of Queensland! BAHA!


After passing the Victorian border where our car thermometer instantly dropped by 3 degrees, we arrived in Melbourne, parked up and collected our apartment keys.  Loading up with everything we can carry we trudged into our new building and yes this is where we are living…. Not a bad view!



We then headed out to commence the shopping for both groceries and basic household goods.  Of course I quickly became hungry and decided to do what I do best… Eat.  Not any old food, $10 steak.  We finally found a place! As it was served with french fries I’ve decided it’s not even worth referencing in a food blog but here’s my beautiful face anyway:



With belly’s full we carried on with our quest to buy… food… and other stuff.  I am normally quite angry at the world, particularly big companies at their ability to rip off anyone they possibly can but on this day, we seemed to do ok at finding cheap stuff to stock our new apartment.  Granted quality wasn’t our priority but for $100 we got: Pots, fry pan, steamer, iron, kettle, toaster, lasagne dish, smaller version of a lasagne dish, 4 x individual mini pie dish things…. But because I’m a a raging bitch or going to become one… I took photos while Steve did this…


And for being a lovely wife, Steve gave me this! A onesy! That’s right my friends, I officially am warm from top to toe. No air conditioning required. An open door in the living room on the 24th floor in Melbourne is enough to make even the toughest of testes shrivel to the size of a peanut! This combined with some scrumdidliumpcious dumplings in the 2 bowls with the 2 forks provided by the lovely AF was a perfect end to our first day in Melbourne.


And so the next adventure begins….


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