Breizoz French Crêperie – It’s French for YUM!

Everyone who knows Steve and I, knows how much we love cold weather – so you can imagine our delight waking up to the wonderful feeling of an overcast, cold morning and toasty warm bed.  After a lazy breakfast we departed at a relaxed 10am into a usually quiet Melbourne Saturday. 10 degrees out and suitably rugged up, making our way to Fitzroy in search of furniture beyond a mattress and a TV.

Strolling down a street full of cute cafes (closed), terraces and the occasional shop front, we spotted a little crêperie and decided hungry or not, we should do the right thing for blogging fans and test the goods.  We headed in and I decided on a cuppa and a crepe off the specials menu after being advised that they were all suitably delicious by the waiter.  It was pear & vanilla with chocolate sauce.  Of course the official name of the dish was much more enticing.  Given we weren’t actually hungry, sharing was the appropriate option.Image

Seated in the dining area out the back which was cosy and funky like any good Melbourne cafe, I appreciated the small treat which came with my pot of tea. This time a strawberry flavoured something that was light and crunchy but disappeared into nothing but flavour once it landed on your tongue.  Perhaps a crunchy meringue?


The crêpe arrived and the drooling began.  It took all the control in the world to stop and take a photo before quickly diving into the plate of pure delicious!  The pear was not overly sweet which normally would annoy me but with the chocolate and vanilla, it would have been too much if it was.  Steve took a bite too and we instantly agreed we would be returning for more.


While we were digging in another couple arrived and were placing an order when the gentleman asked if they have freshly made juices to which the waiter responded with a chuckle “we have freshly poured juices”.  His casual and friendly nature took away any of the ‘snobby yuppie’ feel you can sometimes face in these places. Great food, great service.

Breizoz French Crêperie gets a huge thumbs up from me!


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