Left Over Turkey Breakfast Crêpes for Two

I woke up inspired by my recent run in with crêpes and set to work in the kitchen.  I do love to cook but based on the often mediocre results, I haven’t yet reached the appropriate years of experience. The already sagging nature of some body parts helps me accept my  youth as a positive though and I now avoid willing the years to pass by quickly! :- )

I decided today that the picture in my head was going to conjure itself on our breaky plates and much to my delight, it did.  Of course the point of this was to take left over meat, eggs and any available vegetable to make a cafe-like breakfast that achieved both emptying the old contents of the fridge and creating a rather satisfying food baby in my belly.  The focus of this recipe is therefore the crepe and I’d encourage everyone to try it with the leftovers they have available!


Left Over Turkey Breakfast Crêpes for Two

1 tbsp or 15g Butter plus extra to cook
1 egg
1/3 cup of milk
Pinch of salt
¼ – ½ tsp sugar
1/4 cup plain flour

Melt the butter and set to the side to cool.  Whist the egg and milk in a bowl followed by the butter. For a smoother cooking result, strain 2 – 3 times to remove the ‘gluggy’ egg bits.  Mix in the salt, sugar and flour.  Heat the extra butter in a fry pan until completely melted then poor a thin layer of batter in.  If this is too thick it will taste more like a pancake than a crêpe so I’d recommend pouring some in the middle of the pan then tilting it in a circular motion to distribute the batter.  The butter will provide the perfect smooth barrier for doing this.  When lightly browned flip over remembering that the other side will cook really quickly. Let the pan cool between crêpes if necessary.


You can create a wrap with your crêpe but it just doesn’t look as good as leaving it out flat on the plate and stacking a pile of yummy filling in the middle.  Remember that breakfast doesn’t mean you can only have bacon and breaky sausages… Any savoury food will do – to make it a morning meal all you need is a poached egg on top!


The rest of our day was brilliant. Breakfast kept us going for a 6km each way trip to Ikea to get a TV stand and 3 piece outdoor setting for the balcony – I now have somewhere to eat my crêpes!

We realised quickly after picking the usual flat pack stock from the shelf that our plan to carry everything back was going to be painful.  We sneakily ‘borrowed’ an Aldi trolley filled with our loot and dropped it off at another Aldi store on the way back to the city.  Unfortunately, that was probably only 20 minutes out of a 67 minute walk and my arm muscles (or there lack of) are now suffering horribly.  I can now say though – as I sit at my little table blogging away – that it was all worth it.



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