The Wonderful World of Wendy

I am no chef – nor is it likely I will ever be. I rely on the internet and now my family to provide me with tried and tested recipes that even a monkey could succeed at making. I often still fail but at least I persevere. My hope is to ‘master’ and document all the family recipes to compile for a family cookbook.

Today Melbourne disappointed me, cracking disgusting temperatures in excess of 35 degrees.  I didn’t move here to face summer – so I stayed inside watching the cricket and drinking Strawberry Vodka Smoothies. It also meant I had time to make today “WonderfulWendy Day” – all main meals I ate were based on recipes given to me by my Aunty Wendy.
2013-12-28 12.30.53

I have many, many fond memories visiting my Aunt and cousins on the Sunshine Coast. We were very lucky that myself and my cousin Kayla were less than a year apart as were our brothers Josh & James. Every summer holiday (or some holiday!?) my Mum would drive me there, stay the day then leave Aunty Wendy to take us all on until she returned to collect her offspring the next weekend.  I assume James would stay sometimes too but to my delight, I don’t remember him being there.

Kayla and I were always thick as thieves but total opposites.  She was trendy and cool and I was (am) ginger.  She was a tanned beach bum and I was (am) ginger. She was dating boys and I was (am) ginger.  I remember all the hours we spent talking girly stuff and reading magazines in Kayla’s room.  When the novelty of that wore off we would relocate to the lounge to do anything from completing puzzles to playing the Nintendo ’64 Mario game.

That was my favourite visit… The Mario visit. We played that game straight for days until we completed every possible level.. At 12 (give or take) we achieved greatness…. then Kayla remembered that she lived 5 minutes from a beach and we needed to get some sun and sand.  That’s when the visit went down hill… mainly because I was (am) ginger.

When I could get out of activities involving the sun and nothing else was happening about the place, I would sit at the kitchen counter and talk for hours to my Aunty Wendy. Sometimes she was just chilling there too, other times she was cooking up a storm.  Either way, it always resulted in yummy food and great conversation.  The chocolate muffins were always good – as was the time we decided to eat spaghetti with our hands rather than a fork – just because we could. (Kayla and I that is – I don’t think Aunty Wendy would have been keen).

Unfortunately, as we’ve grown up our lives have gone in many different ways and these holiday visits have long ceased.  My last memory at that house being Kayla’s 18th (21st?) where her friend ran in front of the projector (presumably showing a film/photos of K) and projectile vomited onto the wall.  Perhaps that’s when we achieved greatness.  It’s hard to tell really.

So – memories aside, here goes for my Wonderful Wendy Day

Breakfast: Mum’s Chilli Con Carne

2013-12-28 09.33.01

Lunch: The Brilliant Creation Salad

2013-12-28 12.01.33

Dinner: Crunchy Chicken Bake

2013-12-28 17.12.49


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