Poached Eggs on Toast

I don’t know why but we only ever had poached eggs at Christmas in our family.  If we had a breakfast fry up, Dad would always make bubble and squeak from the leftovers of the week and fried eggs. Not poached.  Its not as if it was hard.  We didn’t ever poach them the classic way – Mum had a poaching fry pan where the little metal cups sit above shallow boiling water.  It takes just a few minutes and they are delicious.  But no – poached eggs are for Christmas.

Since Steve and I met, I have been trying to make poached eggs at other times of year – because Christmas should not be limited to a day.  I’ve googled and youtubed every instruction you can imagine.  I know all the tips and tricks (do boil, don’t boil, add vinegar, add salt, use fresh eggs, put it in with a spoon, circle the water… and the list goes on) but let me tell you – poaching an egg goes beyond my skill set.

You can only imagine my delight when on Christmas morning – when I had my scrambled egg recipe ready to go – I opened one of my many presents from the Doctor and!!!….!!!….!!!… Silicone poaching egg cups!!

2013-12-25 06.42.47

Clearly Steve’s experience of my egg poaching techniques have taught him that should he ever want the whites ON his poached eggs, he’s going to have to bring in cooking aids for the disabled. I continued to bounce around the room with delight (and of course opened more presents) when I realised Steve’s happy face indicated it was time for breakfast.  Lucky for me – his happy face is often caught in photos so you can truly appreciate his subtlty.

2013-12-25 06.52.46

I didn’t want to limit the breakfast options so I decided to make slow cooked scrambled eggs as planned and poached eggs for variety.  As it turns out, the slow cooked eggs were more like I’M GOING TO DIE BEFORE I EAT EGGS and not realising this I popped the bacon in the oven and nuked it not wanting it to be less than crispy when the eggs were ready.  So, the eggs were not light and fluffy and the bacon was more like charred cardboard – MERRY CHRISTMAS DR STEVE!

2013-12-25 07.49.53

I moved onto my breakfast.  Now some people may say it is mean to serve the crap meal to my husband but you need to appreciate that Christmas is all about me!  The other half appreciates and I daresay enjoys how happy it makes me but he otherwise wouldn’t be fussed either way.  Also, of course, the chocaholic was more demanding about Christmas dessert.  I had this (recipe not really necessary but here it is anyway):


Poached Eggs, Tomato & Avocado Mash on Toast


2013-12-25 07.56.27


  • 2 x Eggs
  • 1/2 medium tomato sliced
  • 1/3 Haas avocado
  • 1 tbsp light cream cheese
  • Optional: a few slices of leg ham
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  1. Heat the oven to 160 degrees
  2. Pop into the oven bread of your choice.  I used half a fresh baked multigrain long bread roll
  3. Poach the eggs (in my case, crack it in the silicone dish, put in boiling water with a lid on. Remove as soon as the white is set for perfectly runny yolk. If you don’t like runny yolks, you shouldn’t be reading a poached egg recipe).
  4. While the eggs are cooking put the avocado and cream cheese in a bowl and mash.  Use a stick blender if you’re feeling lazy – I sure did.  Add salt and pepper to taste – even a dash of lemon.
  5. Take the bread from the oven. It should be warmed through, maybe a little crispy on the edges. Spread the avocado mash and top with the ham (if wanted) and then tomato.  The egg should be just ready to be placed straight on top.

I am sure this would also work with Vegemite before the avocado but I would leave any salt/lemon out of the avocado in this case as it would be overload!

Merry Breakfast!



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