You can’t get me I’m the ginger bread man!

We had planned the perfect weekend.  Cricket on tele and air conditioning on a 38 degree Saturday supported by a Kirsty Cook Fest (see The Wonderful World of Wendy) and a day out on the town on a 19 degree Sunday.

We hit South Wharf DFO for a spot of shopping. I made the Doctor leave his shot gun at home so there wasn’t any blood shed following the pushing, shoving, elbowing and dirty stares at busy, manner-less shoppers. We aren’t the world’s greatest browsers so just 35 minutes in we were through the whole centre and making our way to BangPop restaurant. Unlike Brisbane DFO where you stroll leisurely onto the bitumen hell hole, the sweltering heat is severe enough to lull an inexperienced tourist  into the ‘delicious summer weather’ while it turns your skin into leather that would rival a stubborn old donkey’s arse before you can beep your car unlocked… Unlike Brisbane DFO, you stroll out of  South Wharf onto a classic broad walk flanked by the Yarra on your left and trendy, inviting restaurants on your right.  It was a picture perfect day in every way. The sky was clear and high, sporadic clouds white and fluffy and 5 minutes ahead of midday, the boardwalk was empty and quiet.

2013-12-29 11.53.54

We strolled along until we recognised the decorative bikes that line the new Thai street food spot we were heading for.  Right on opening, we were the first in and were seated quickly at an ideal little table at the front of the restaurant.  Seriously – and people ask me why I want to live in Melbourne?

2013-12-29 12.32.45

The waitress was really friendly and as you might expect in a empty restaurant, we were well looked after.  Very quickly Steve had his Thai beer and I had an apple juice – slice of fresh apple and all.  Perusing the menu, I quickly identified the dish Steve would no doubt order – and right I was. Pork belly.

2013-12-29 12.06.30

I continued to peruse the menu – Pad thai, so common. Pad see eww – my safe dish. Can’t have that – it’s not Be Like Nike.  Salad? No. Ugh. Dessert!!! Not until I eat my lunch 😦  Ground pork and green beans? Sounds ok! Pork – not so great for you but yummy!!! Then the good looking guy at the other side of my table dutifully pointed out the not so subtle statement on the bottom of the menu – PLEASE NOTE THAT THAI STREET FOOD IS SPICY. IF YOU ARE NOT USED TO SPICY THAI FOOD PLEASE LET YOUR WAITER KNOW SO THEY CAN SUGGEST A DISH!2013-12-29 13.00.21

Duh.  Our waitress returned and I indicated my lack of love of spicy food and requested if the Pork Belly and Ground Pork could be low on the chilli factor – she was overly excited – apparently we picked low spice friendly dishes. Woot. When she returned a minute later with our condiments, even she had a little chuckle when I laughed as she explained that she was giving us: Rice Vinegar with Chilli, Fish Sauce with Chilli, Sugar and oh, Chilli! Who would have thought.

2013-12-29 12.07.49

Now free of having to make any decisions we sat back and soaked up our surrounds.  The breeze was seriously lovely and we pondered on stupid nothingness, like how the tour boats on the Yarra make money when they’re always empty (every boat after we said that was packed to the brim).  When all of a sudden out of no where

You can’t get me I’m the ginger bread man!! Ahhhhhh!!!

…followed by the pitter patter of tiny feet.  A boy no older than four in a sparkly red cape went ripping down the boardwalk followed closely by his older sister. Even the Uncle of Black laughed at this one. “Because the classic ‘you can’t get me’ wouldn’t have sufficed.” he mused.

Soon after our meals began to arrive and nothing more needs to be said than…good (thanks Steve, great input on that one).  It was seriously yummdiddlyumptious. Or perhaps, it was truly BangPop!

Pad Ka – Nha Moo Krob – Stir Fried Broccoli (with crispy pork belly croutons)

2013-12-29 12.15.46

Pad Ka Prow Moo – Stir Fried Pork & Basil

2013-12-29 12.16.43 2013-12-29 12.16.322013-12-29 12.16.132013-12-29 12.15.27

Khao Niew Ma Muang – Mango & Sticky Rice

2013-12-29 12.54.40

2013-12-29 12.54.15


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