Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

I was relaxing on the couch this morning when I received a text from Sarah, “so many people have called already asking about portable air cons.”  This amused me no end. I had forgotten the sweltering forecast of 39 degrees in Brisbane today and having received Sarah’s message before 10am, I’d say the weather people were on the ball.

By this stage, Steve and I had already been out to do our weekly grocery shop in long pants and jumpers.  Woolies are on a warning as they had not stocked the shelves and were out of some pretty big basics like spring onion.  We had returned home, cooked up breaky and were now settling in to a morning of watching the Pommies get smashed. I can’t stand watching my team losing in any sport when they are just playing badly – and if TV networks operate on that basis, I’d say the ashes are no longer broadcast in England.

With a top of 22, overcast and windy though, the lazy couch day could not last and after beautifying myself (this can take some considerable time)… we headed out into the perfect Melbourne day.  The lovely sister-in-law had inspired me recently describing a meal as “amazeballs” and after limited (lucky) research I found The Meatballs & Wine Bar to determine if something could truly be substantiated by such an interesting adjective.

ImageI was delighted to find that food aside, the restaurant itself was stunning.  A typical, vintage Melbourne warehouse style with exposed brick, low light and plenty of wood and metal textures. I love the feel of these places.  It makes me disappointed that I’m not a wine or coffee drinker as I can just imagine sitting back in a location like this for a couple of hours having a good yarn (perhaps not with Steve – that much talking is taking it too far)…


There were cafe tables and as well as bars & stools…the smallest of details were considered including hooks on the wall below each table to hang a handbag.  I am assuming Melbourne offers only a snippet of the old buildings in Europe so if this is anything to go by, I am going to be walking into my own little part of Heaven on Earth when we finally get there in November.


The menu is a one pager and options are not really varied.  Steve aptly described it more as a bar with food then a restaurant so don’t go expecting a huge array of options.  It is a Meatball bar after all.  Looking try something different we opted for fish meatballs with Pesto on a Polenta Mash (on the advice of the waitress) and pork meatball sliders.  The fish was exceptional (perhaps because of our love for the pesto) and the sliders were yummy but not spectacular.  I wouldn’t rave about it but it was a nice outing and money well spent…. We both agree its worth a visit and if you liked wine, it would probably make this little bar ideal.  I’d give it 3.5 amazeballs out of 5.



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