Vodka Saves

It’s hard to believe but I work 5 days a week… sadly as an accountant. Don’t hold it against me. Today was one of those days.  It is month end which means numbers, numbers, numbers.  I was thinking numbers for an hour before I woke up and I’m sure I’ll be thinking about numbers when I go to bed.  I had some really good moments like a semi-promotion and issuing my schedule & assumptions for our upcoming budget cycle (just a sign I’m being super organised) then I had some less than optimal moments like where my former manager says very casually mid conversation “yeah they can either demote person A or promote you and we don’t have the money for that so that’s the way it goes…” and then continues. Shock. Open draw drop? What? Pay me the same and give me more work? Story of my life!

I had to stop at Woolies on the way home to grab cucumbers for my salad tomorrow because the one I made today was so DELICIOUS, I had to repeat it for tomorrow (watch this space for a recipe). (YAY!) It was stupidly busy – damn those 4000 people doing their grocery shopping after work. (not yay!).

Get home from work and Steve has made dinner (YAY) and I make dessert which was also DELICIOUS (DOUBLE YAY!) then I remembered I had to make lunch for tomorrow (not yay!).

So with all these ups and downs, there was just one solution. Vodka Smoothie.  I dished it out in proportion for stress levels. Mine is on the left and Steve’s on the right.  Ordinarily his would be empty but he tattood his foot today and it was hurting a little.

Recipe? Search fridge for any sort of yoghurt (mine – strawberry). Add milk or in my case, coconut milk! Oooh how tropical. Be boring and blend it then drink… or be adventurous and add your favourite VODKA! I so conveniently had berry vodka in my freezer.  Oh what a world.

2014-01-06 20.41.37



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