Show a little appreciation

It has been a long while since my last blog but what better day to return than Yo-Yo Appreciation Day.  It was wonderful and horrible all at once.  It is much like when Yo-Yo was alive and I was able to appreciate her personally; wonderful in the happiness she greeted me with when I would return home each day; horrible in that she would be snickering at having wiped her butt on my pillow again (or so Steve would tell me).

On her first birthday, 4 years ago, we started a tradition that we had no idea would be so significant. The cheese burger.  We thought – what could be more special to a dog than a cheese burger and ice cream for his/her birthday?! That day when Yoghurt inhaled a whole meat patty without chewing, we knew we were onto something.  A year on and the once lean, mean, sleeping machine became a barrel on swizzle sticks the cheese burger was simply amusing and ironic. McDonalds was well loved by yet another obese being, unwilling or perhaps unable to control themselves.  Her 3rd birthday. Sad. By this stage her now 3 diseases forced her into vegetarianism. A vegetarian dog? Seriously. I was sad on her behalf. But challenged organs or not, there was no excuse to not enjoy a cheese burger for one little day.  Had she let it touch her tongue on the way down, I’m sure she would have enjoyed what would be her last one.


There is no way we can let this day pass without acknowledging everything that made her special (ridiculous) and we did so with a cheese burger. As we walked out on the semi-humid, semi-glary, semi-hot day, I complained of it being frustrating that I was forced to take this walk – that I wish it was on a day when I could enjoy it.  I was hot, tired, a little sweaty and not feeling like exercise.  Steve with an childish grin decided it was only fitting given that’s probably how Yog felt every time we walked her to the park for ‘her benefit’. I’d suggest the next dog in the park who found our monument would have thought Christmas had come early.


The building blocks of a Pint Sized Monument

Base layer. The birthday girl’s cheese burger.

Second layer. The doctor’s contribution to the birthday indulgence.

Third layer. My contribution to my little snuggle pot. Yes that little torn off piece of bread is probably all I would have shared.  A glint in Steve’s eye as I put it on top and said “What?! that’s all I would have shared when she was alive!”

Sprinkle with her favoured dessert; mini M&Ms

After a little tele and a 3 hour nap (a hard life I know), we ventured out for a specially arranged dinner.  It was a surprise for Steve who had no idea where we were going when we arrived at Om Nom in the Adelphi Hotel.  I’m not going to assess each dish.  All were yummy, some spectacular.  I love trying new foods, new flavours. This place delivered a most amazing combination in every dish in ways I could never reproduce! Bacon flavoured foam? Basil ice cream? Really? Yes!   If you haven’t tried Om Nom already, prepare to indulge yourself in the Om Nom Experience.

Steve had a beer. It was a beer. But look at the glass. It was perfect. The ever so slight curve at the top made it amazing to drink out of. I’m intending to find some and purchase them. It sounds absurd but it’s the little things.



Tarragon Scented Poached Lobster Bug Tail with Sweet & Sour Sauce



Fresh Sliced Pear, Salted Praline, Mesclun Salad, Blue Cheese Mousse with Cucumber and Mint Granita




Light Curried Coconut Broth, Micro Coriander and Pink Pepper



Mushroom & Spinach Gyoza with a Lemon sauce (not on online menu; full description not known & apologies for the photo)



Duck Confit, Apple Cider Jelly, Galangal Honey Sauce, Celeriac Puree and Celery Coulis



Cardamom and Star Anise Poached Pineapple, Red Pepper Jelly, Rum Soaked Strawberries, Vanilla Cremuex, Coconut and Lemongrass Foam



Mango and Shiso Profiteroles, Kalamansi Sorbet, Coconut Lemongrass Foam



Vanilla, Olive Oil and Honey Ice Cream, Lime, Basil and White Chocolate Cremeux, White Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Soil



Tea & Hot Chocolate to finish

We wouldn’t recommend the hot chocolate – too milky, not creamy and delicious. I did love the sugar cubes with my tea though!




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