A foodie adventure

I may not have been blogging much because of work and… laziness. I can assure though that I have been eating.  Partially because I want to ensure Sare experiences the best cheap and expensive culinary treats Melbourne has to offer (within reason) but also because I like eating. Mmm. Food. I have formed a teeny-tiny tummy as the backlog of tasty and not-so tasty meals filled me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.  I could spend hours upon hours blogging on what I’ve eaten but instead I’m going to try to squeeze it into one. In order of eating, here we go.

The Old Papershop Deli 

266 Clarendon St, South Melbourne

Collage - Old Paper Shop

We love this place for its chocolate cakes.  Steve had the Snickers but has had the Mars Bar and both are amazing.  They’ll set you back up to $10 but the servings are generous. I had the bircher muesli which was also really tasty.  The mister doesn’t rate the iced chocolate (being made on chocolate syrup) but we don’t complain given the quality of the cake. It’s a must eat.  I can’t talk for the rest of the menu – we always get cake.  What can I say, just enjoy.

San Telmo

14 Meyers Pl, Melbourne

Collage San Telmo

Fail. Too expensive. Nice, but cook at home food.  We went here on the recommendation of a friend and with mixed reviews on the internet.  The place looked nice but that was about the best of it for us. The chorizo was really delicious but $15+ for a sausage (just the sausage, on a plate) it would want to be. The beef (or lamb? Who can remember) ribs were a bit tough. The carrots tasted like carrot with a side of cream cheese and the sweet potato even less exciting.  We both agreed we could cook better at home. For over $80 for the both of us we wouldn’t go there again.

Auction Rooms

103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne

Collage - Auction RoomsAs usual, Steve picked a most spectacular breakfast.  The Creme Brûlée French Toast with Blue Cheese and Bacon was unbelievable.  That said, every other dish we saw come out including my own was lack lustre.  Mine (a spinach pancake) was luke warm and not exciting.  Do not order the poached eggs on toast because that’s exactly what you get.  Add bacon and think you’re getting a meal? Nope, they just slap it beside the toast.  We did well with Steve’s order but it wouldn’t (and hasn’t) enticed me back.  That said, the building itself is spectacular and encompassed everything we love about warehouses.  Our seating in a ‘sun room’ type garden in the back was to die for. I wouldn’t say don’t go here, but do so at your own risk.

Wonton House

181 Russell St, Melbourne

2014-02-13 20.18.32

A friend introduced me to this place when working back one night (note the obvious take away in the picture).  We’ve since been back and both times the meals were a success.  I didn’t realise the place was called “Wonton House” until writing the blog so now I feel foolish saying that the wonton soup here is unbelievably tasty. So it should be 🙂 Try it though. Yum.

Alibi Kitchen & Bar

471 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

Collage - Alibi

Like many others, I would shy away from restaurants attached to hotels (in this case the Mantra) but the first time we went here, we were lured in by the fancy seats and beautiful building opposite. This is where we ate (or I ate) the morning Steve developed kidney stones – it was delicious then and it is delicious now. Steve has declared this as the best baked beans he’s ever had.  Move over SPC (baha). The meals aren’t crazily inventive but what comes on the plate is perfectly done.  Hotel restaurant or not, its worth it.

Kalamaki Greek Street Food

389 Lonsdale St, Melbourne (cnr Hardware Lane)

Collage - Kalamaki

Chicken and Lamb Souvlaki on Pita with chips. The pita is soft and yummy. Add chips? Heaven. This place is funky and the food is simple, cheap and good. A big thumbs up from me.

Dontoo Noodle Bar

330 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Collage Dontoo

We miss Japan all the time and going to Dontoo is like a little slice of heaven. The waitresses are always friendly and the chef is so perfectly Japanese (I assume).  She always yells out to check we enjoyed it (not just to be nice, she actually checks our thoughts on if we liked the flavour – not too salty!?).  The servings are huge and I love, love, love the miso soup noodles (pictured).  There was so much food we had over half a huge take-away container left when we’d finished. I’d eat here just because its yummy but add the fact its cheap and the service is super friendly – I’ll be a regular time and time again. Did I mention $4 Asahi?

Hardware Société

120 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

Collage - Hardware Societe

This was our favourite breakfast/brunch spot in Melbourne for its creativity of meals.  The very first time I ate here I had duck for breaky and it was a little slice of heaven on Earth in and around my mouth. Unfortunately, it burnt down. No joke. A towel in the dryer of the Thai massage parlour next door (insert inappropriate chuckling here)… Months later and it is up and running.  Stuffed zucchini flower was on the menu for Steve which of course was delicious.  The salmon was nice but admittedly I don’t stomach that sort of semi-raw salmon well so I didn’t enjoy it as much as a normal person.  It was really yummy considering.  Most importantly, my tea pot still came with a cosy and Steve’s hot chocolate still rates as the #2 in Melbourne – it comes with a chunk of chocolate which melts once you poor the hot chocolate over it and there’s enough to make a second cup.  Plus your hot drinks come with a little donut ball.

Mart 130 Cafe

107A Canterbury Rd, Middle Park

Collage - MartWe had decided to go for a wander out to take a look at ‘the block’ (TV program).  I don’t know what karmic good we’d magic’d up but the day was spectacular. Blue skies, stunning lakes, parks and buildings both to and from our destination.  I’d pre-researched and found MART which was described as having a ‘genius name’.  What? How is that genius? Yeah, its an old tram station house converted to a cafe at a still functioning tram stop… When you see the sign with the R back to front it is blatantly obvious that it is tram in reverse.  The food was delicious.  I wouldn’t walk an hour every Saturday to eat there but it if I lived locally, I’m sure I’d be a frequent visitor.  It became apparent very quickly that the wait staff new over half the people that walked through the door – a sure sign of a good meal.  The chorizo beans and toast with poached eggs was well made but the pancakes were the hit. They were light and fluffy and the accompanying sauces and honeycomb were mouth watering. Another quintessential Melbourne cafe.

Nam Loong Chinese Restaurant

223 Russell St, Melbourne

Collage - Nam Loong

Come here and eat buns.  Just do it. Get a Golden Sand. And Eat It. Eat. The. Bun.

Yes, other food is yummy. Noodles are usually for me and Steve nearly polished this plate off on his own. But who cares about that.


Hardware Societe (take 2)

Collage - Hardware Societe 2

To be continued…


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